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Technology Risk and Assurance

In today’s hostile cyber environment, we must ensure overall Informational Technology Controls are adequately resourced and capable of meeting organisations corporate and technical needs and mitigating risks effectively. Controls over areas such as Cyber Security, Data Privacy, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity are critical.   A well-controlled IT environment is also defined by ongoing control reliance over operations, change, and systems.  

At Capstone our directors and managers have deep skills in IT Controls across a range of  systems including SAP as well as organisational framework development knowledge.  

Cyber Security     Project Assurance     Gateway Review



Providing our clients comprehensive cybersecurity assurance service from strategy through to detailed testing.  Working with our specialist partners we are able to bring our clients the best of breed toolsets to assist in designing and evaluating cybersecurity capability.

Project Assurance

Our project assurance services cover Pre and Post-Implementation reviews to deep dive gateways.  The team has conducted performance audits across a range of state government agencies.

Gateway Reviews

Gateway Reviews are reviews of projects (capital investments and recurrent expenditure) by independent experts at up to seven defined decision points (or gates) in a project or program life-cycle.  The project's significant stakeholders are interviewed and key documents relevant to the stage of the project are examined. A gateway review is not an audit, a detailed technical review, or an inquiry, but a review by experienced 'peers' to provide an independent view of the project and increase its chance of success.

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